The power of a data science team without the cost

Whiterock AI connects real estate professionals to financial and alternative data that delivers an edge. We generate AI-backed financial predictions that are 600 times faster than human-generated analysis, in just one click.


Access advanced financial analyses and predictions within seconds. Gain an investing edge by using alternative data.


Leverage our forecasts to optimize your clients' transactions. Gain unparalleled insight into properties' qualitative metrics.


Sort through optimized comparables within seconds. Compare your findings to our property value estimate.


Lower your risk and increase your pipeline with advanced underwriting. Connect with prospective clients through our investor network.


We source, process, and analyze data on your behalf. We supplant emotional investing by systematic and science-based analytics. We algorithmically price properties, predict cash flow and source comparables within seconds, among other options.
Financial analytics relates to the assessment of an investment's viability. It includes the analysis of price, rent, vacancy rate, operating expenses, renovation, debt, cap rate, IRR, multiples, and more.
The Whiterock interface is where it all happens. You simply enter a property address, a neighborhood name, a zip code, or a block and lot to retrieve the associated analytics in Excel. You can seamlessly share this analysis with your colleagues, or PDF it to an investor or partner.
Certainly not. We collect and consolidate data for you from well over 100 sources, both private and public. Whether it comes from the Federal Reserve, tenants' reviews, or mapping services, we maintain the accuracy of our database at all times.
Glad you asked! Traditional providers sell raw descriptive data such as the number of units, the number of floors, and the past transactions. Whiterock uses historical data to provide ready-to-use predictive financial analytics in the form of property reports.
We are experienced professionals trained in some of the largest firms globally. We work with the same tools used at Apple, Google, Netflix and other tech giants.
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"Whiterock's ability to process such large data so fast is truly powerful. Their technology enables us to analyze hundreds of deals monthly when we were limited to dozens before."
Joe McMillan - Chairman, CEO at DDG
"The Whiterock team is very capable, and has a vision that will completely change the way the industry operates. It is great to work with them."
Gregory Falco - Stanford University
"I’m always interested to read the latest equity research report for my holdings, now I can do the same for my properties."
Partner at a New York investment management firm

Our doers

Jordan Girard Profile Picture

Jordan Girard


Jordan has witnessed real estate’s data problem firsthand. As a child, he watched his property-owner father make decisions based on intuition. Inspired by Jim Simons’s development of quantitative trading, Jordan is making data science accessible to all real estate professionals. He completed his undergraduate and graduate training at Columbia and Harvard Universities.

Favorite book: The Man Who Solved the Market, Gregory Zuckerman

Ernesto Del Valle Profile Picture

Ernesto Del Valle


Ernesto is an avid mathematician originally from Mexico City. After 7+ years in financial services he left the hedge fund industry to pursue his passion for data science. Prior to Whiterock, he worked at Credibly where he led a team of data scientists. He completed his undergraduate and graduate training with honors at the University of Pennsylvania and University of California, Berkeley.

Favorite book: Outliers, Malcolm Gladwell

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